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Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Yes Phils drumming on the 4 Tops tunes is memorable for sure. I liked his drumming on Finger Tips Part 1, you could tell its Phil right away, being a lefty and all.
Honestly has the meaning for the word "Great" changed over the years? Phil Collins is a better drummer than most musicians would give him credit to be. He has strength and drive and is a strong pocket player too. A drummer who can sing and accompany other vocals is a rare musician however GREAT I'm sorry that word has been watered down to the point of no return. Buddy Rich, Chick Webb, Elvin Jones are a few others that are/were Great! Phil Collins is not Great and sometimes opinions need to have some knowledge and experience to bare them out. Theirs actually people who think Sting is a Great bassists but they also have never heard of Ray Brown or Stanley Clarke so go figure that. Can't he be "really good" "a perfect fit for genesis" "extremely tastey" most of his unque style is that hes a lefty so strokes do have a sound and feel different for right handed players. I like Phils style and his approach to drumming I also like his use of cymbals but the word Great means exceptional and inventive and eminent. Sorry to rant on this but it gets ridiculous to keep hearing how every popular pop drummer are Great. Try hes my favorite or I really like his approach to the drums but Great is a word for exceptional and in pop music theres really very few musicians who are Great. Popular Yes!!! Charlie & Ringo & Keith & whoever are Unique to their audiances and those fellows fit their bands very well but Great? Com on, Really. Doc
Phil is great. You are a snob.
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