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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Having played in a pit once or twice, I can attest to how exhausting it is! At least you're not on stage doing half the scenes as well (that was an entertaining couple of weeks)!
After over a year of shadowcast work, i probably wouldn't suffer too badly on this particular show, although nobody should have to pay to hear me sing -- quite the opposite in fact.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I love it. Maybe for the final performance, fishnets, a skirt and a dinner jacket/bowtie combination would work.
Since I'm generally not seen below the waist, I'm preferring some cargo shorts and my trusty Chucks -- punk and sensible at the same time. The handmade T-shirt I'm modeling is really popular among the cast and crew and they might revolt were I to change it up now. And I have it on good authority that wearing fishnets is like a hundred little cheese graters on your feet after about an hour.

Oddly enough, out of the four of us band members, two of us dress up pretty extensively for the show -- the MD plays a sax solo during "Hot Patootie" onstage, and so must be in costume, and I am highly visible anytime the projection screen/shim is moved, and so I felt it important to be in character as well; not to mention it really motivates me and gets me in the game mentally for the show. The guitarist and bass player -- great guys and monster players, mind you -- are simply in black, no makeup, and not as much "into" the show. Listen for cue, play, sit back, wait for next cue. Meanwhile, I'm cracking up at the lines as if it's my first time (not missing any cues, though!)
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