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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
Here's one I'd be curious to know if many of you are familiar with. The Jonas Kullhammar Quartet. These guys are monsters.

In this clip they play all of Love Supreme:

The clip is a video of someone who has recorded it so until about :12 it's the individual setting it to play but an amazingly clear show and sound.

I was able to watch them several times in a small club at our Jazz Fest. Complete animals.

Enjoy should you decide to watch.
The drum solo half way through is one of the finest I've ever heard. Just stunning. I know 'Love Supreme' has been played to death but rarely this well, or this imaginatively. Just fantastic.

On the back of this, I'm thinking about doing some pad work and renting a rehearsal room. I haven't played properly since April (disillusioned to say the least) and whenever I listen to really fine Jazz playing, it makes me want to go straight back into it. That's what Jazz does for me - more than any other genre of music - it makes me want to play the living *$&% out of my drums. I think it's about bloody time I focussed on being a good player in one genre and I think that it's just got to be Jazz. Every bloody time I listen to something great, I want to play and I can't say that about any other form of music.

Numberless, I'm going to check out those Blade clips when I've finished listening to the LS performance. Blade is an absolute animal.
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