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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Millions of people display their individuality on Macs.
That is the single wisest statement in this thread. Anybody see "Life of Brian"?
Brian (to crowd): "You're all different."
Crowd in unison: "We're all different."
Lone man in crowd: "Except me."

It also makes me think about kids who have to have the latest fashions to show their individuality.

I've been a professional software developer for a long, long time. There is much to hate about both Microsoft and Apple. However, I have noticed as time goes by, they are becoming much more like each other, and much more closed to innovation and outsiders (not that either was ever particularly 'open').
Although I use Windows about 90% of the time (and Linux the rest), I don't think I would give a recommendation of either Windows or Mac over the other. It mostly comes down to personal preference. The one difference is that Mac's are usually pricier, but easier to use and more reliable, although that is a vast generalization that is not always true. I will say that " Macs are best for computer programming," is a ridiculous statement. That's a bit like saying "everybody should drive a pickup truck". I am not saying Macs are bad, but they are definitely not 'best'. Mac, Windows, and Linux all have their strengths and weaknesses.
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