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Default Where Have You Lived?

I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia and have lived and worked here my entire life, which recently passed the half-century mark. My family roots in the area can be traced back to the late 1700's and the majority of my relatives on both sides have remained close to the area. I did live for eight years in Athens, GA, some 65 miles away or so, while attending university. Chances are good (at this late date) that I will live out the remainder of my days in Atlanta which is fine. It's a great place. Over the many years, though, I have occassionally toyed with the idea of living somewhere else in the U.S. or maybe even abroad. I've had the good fortune to travel throughout the world as well as see a great deal of my own country, and there have been places I've felt a natural affinity for. Each trip has been an enlightening and educational experience but actually living somewhere is a very different thing altogether. I've noticed that some folks on the forum have lived in a variety of cities and even different countries - many have called a lot of places home. I'd be interested in hearing about where members have lived and their thoughts about those places - good and bad. Also, any good musical scenes?
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