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Originally Posted by MSTRKRFT
^ Not so sure, because this site is called " Lugwigdrummers", and they say this;

Bonham's first Endorsement kit he got from Ludwig was in 1969. Carmine Appice got him a Ludwig Endorsement by personally ringing the Ludwig factory. The sizes were as follows:

14"x26" Bass Drum x2 with Cymbal Mount
12"x15" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
16"x18" Floor Tom- he added this later on
6.5"x14" Chrome Supra-Phonic Snare Drum
Finish was Natural Maple Thermo-gloss

well on the site i posted...the guy thought it was a 12X15 (kind of looks like one after i look at it more) but he contacted ludwig and comfirmed it was a 12X14 instead of a 12X15
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