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Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post

A 2009 yamaha stage custom. It's hardly been used and in pretty much perfect nick.

10, 12, 14, 20, 14.

I thought it was black when I went to pick it up, also thought it had a 22 (bummer). But the price was right so I still bought it....

Nice score - great sizes, You might end up liking a 20" kick. I prefer it over the 22".

I've tried lots of different heads on those. I have one kit with just the stock heads and those Aquarian studio rings on them. Had one 10" tom that I might not have tuned right, but it didn't sound good to me till I slapped a hydraulic head on it. Even with that heavily damped head, it's still got a bit of a ring to it.
One kit I put S hoops on which gave me a nice sound without changing heads. I've got G2's on one bop kit and gave some pinstripes a try too.
I use Emads on all the kicks though.
Lots of different heads to try over time, But I always just get one first, and try it before getting them for the whole kit.
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