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Originally Posted by Push View Post
Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the badges either, but, all of the other qualities and characteristics of these drums far outweigh the gaudy badges.

Also, I don't seem to have too much trouble fitting these drums into standard soft bags. A little tight due to some of the HW, but, not a problem.

I'm doing some recording this weekend and of all of the kits that I have, I'm going to take these Saturns into the studio.

I find the toms fit fine, but the bass drum is a pain in the armpit. I use protection racket soft cases and they are a tight fit, but manageable, so long as you fit the case to the drum (don't try and put the drum in the case, you'll be there all night) and line up one of the spurs with the handle on the side of the case. If I had to buy the cases again, I'd get a 24 for my 22.

I love the badges, I just wish they weren't on the drums...
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