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Default Re: heads for maple toms

Originally Posted by qwikdoc View Post
I just purchased my first maple kit, a Mapex Meridian and I am going to swap out the stock heads. I've always loved Remo pinstripes on the toms of my birch kit. I'd love to stick with the pinstripes but not sure if it is the right head. I'm not necessarily looking for brand recommendations as much as advice on the thickness and coating that works best for maple. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I use an Aquarian High Energy head for my snare. Hopefully that is a good head for maple as well.

To be more specific, I play in an ACDC tribute band and want a big sound from the toms without a lot of sustain. That fat, classic rock sound if you will. I tend to tune my drums a little lower. Hopefully that helps.
Stick with Pinstripes if that's what you like. You can't get much more "fat and classic rock" than those. Me personally, I'm a single-ply head guy. I like a brighter open sound, even at lower tunings and I like the sensitivity. However for hard rock and sheer durability, you can't go wrong with Pinstripes. Emperor coated heads would be my second choice.

I have to add, I won't buy anything Aquarian, since they began producing them in Mexico. Expensive US-made drumkits are one thing but being that the price of heads is about the same be they Remo, Evans or Aquarian, I'm going to opt for Made in USA. Every time.

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