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I find BacteriumFendYoke's response very encouraging, specifically he gets low latency with multi-channel input recording, and no problem with a 5400 HDD. Although, I would caution that most DAW vendors specifically recommend at least a 7200 HDD. Usually, they even recommend higher-speeds or multiple drives.
I am a big fan of Linux (I'm using Linuxmint right now), and I definitely recommend it for anyone who can. The problem is, many of us can't. My (software development) clients require me to work in a Windows environment, so my main machine is Windows 7. I find many people have similar restrictions. Lots of small business people need Quickbooks (no linux support). Also, many people need to work with others who use MS-Office tools. Although I've been using Libre Office (supported on all platforms) successfully, it does require a little extra effort that novices find intimidating. For many people, once you are required to make a significant investment in a platform (e.g. Windows), why would you make another significant investment in another platform? In short, I would definitely recommend anyone who has the knowledge/skills, can afford the time and effort, and has the 'freedom' to buy a no-OS laptop an install linux. The freedom, flexibility, security and community support are outstanding, and you will save lots of money over the long term. I say "lots" of money because, besides not paying for Windows or Mac-OS, you will find their are lots of high-quality applications (e.g. Reaper, Libre Office, Gimp, etc. ) for many disciplines that are either free, or much lower cost than their Windows/Mac alternatives.
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