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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post

Have you tried our J1 Etched heads? That's what I'd put up against the Renaissance for the sake of comparison.
Well, the problem is, they don't come in the variety of weights that the Remos do. You get Diplomats, Ambassadors and Emperors which I've used all of on various kits. Generally, I like the Ambassadors on both sides of the rack toms and an Emperor/Diplomat combo for Floor toms. Now the EC series does feature the etched surface and the EC reverse dot is an AMAZING snare head, if you're looking for a controlled response that doesn't kill the overtones but controls them. I'm still enjoying my Evans heads for now, but I might have to get me some Renaissance heads when I go back into the studio. When I used them on my old Rockstar DX kit, it gave them a much more "expensive" and rich sound that no other heads could do. I know that Rockstars are not really supposed to sound "rich" but that's what I got from them.

Until I land an endorsement deal (if that ever happens), I'll keep experimenting. :)
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