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I have gigged with most of it a couple of times while I was using stands :). I didn't have the concert toms, the cowbell or the fire alarm bell set up. Fortunately the gigs I have used my current setup (which has grown substantially the last few years) I'm actually involved with the people who organised the gigs, so they knew what to expect :).

I will most likely downsize it for 'regular gigs though. I should be able to remove the LH side of the rack, for a start, and swap a couple of cymbals over, leave bits and pieces at home, etc., depending on the gig. I will probably make adjustments over time with regards to having a 'modular' set up. My old set up was actually based around a standard 5 piece set up, and the hardware was configured as such so that I could remove excess pieces and be left with 2 crashes and a ride cymbal, without having to reconfigure anything. I hope to do the same with this one once I have had time to think about it :)
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