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Default Re: What's your favorite ice cream?

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
A local store, Safeway, has their own line of ice cream, and I love their Moose Tracks kind, which is a chocolate ice cream with fudge swirled into it.

My favorite WAS called "Death By Chocolate", but that one was discontinued years ago. Perhaps Travis (aka "LarryAce") might choke on it? Jerkstore.
What, did wittle Philly learn a new word? Jerkstore. How cute. Your Mommy must be so proud! It's so cute the way you try puff yourself all up, you're so adorable! What are we 35 now? Please, do us all a favor and don't reproduce, OK? Spare the world the tragedy of another generation of little assorted wumpii.

I will exact my revenge Phil. I don't know what it was about me at the audition. I guess you saw everything that was good and decent and you just couldn't let it be. You had to throw your fistful of mud on the Mona Lisa. I even wished you luck. How stupid was I? I hope you lay awake at night wondering about your future run of bad luck that will be coming your way.

What a mean man you are. Mean mean mean! I fart in your general direction sir.
Sucking all the fun right out of life....
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