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Default Re: What's your favorite ice cream?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Cherry Garcia almost made my list. It was THIS close. Ah fuggetaboutit, Cherry Garcia, it's on the list!

Cherry anything eh Paul? I'm not touching that lol.
Hmmm...I haven't had a cherry in decades so probably shows my age. I love DQ hot fudge oreo brownie earthquake with lots of hot fudge. And I think my favorite is the blueberry soft serve ice cream at Kings Island.

And first time I went to Orange Leaf I took my six year old daughter. I said wow honey...look at all the stuff we can add. I knew I was in trouble when cashier said put your ice cream on that. What I said and she responds "the scale". Uh oh I thought!!! $25 later we walked to a table to enjoy our cold feast ;-)
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