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Default Re: I'll never try that again.

Originally Posted by RinkRat View Post
Along with my return to playing drums, I have been teaching myself piano.

I am starting to learn how to read music, and thought I'd give an easy song a try.
(Foo Fighters - Home)

Practiced for a couple of weeks, without mics, and thought I sounded pretty good.

Today, I Mic'd me & the piano up, and started recording...


I quickly deleted the recording, packed up the mics, and put the piano back to it's proper corner of the living room.

Felt like Peter Brady of the Brady Bunch.

That was quite the wake up call. :(
That will teach you to try and grow. (obvious reverse psychology tactic)

I say revel in the imperfectness and enjoy yourself just like a pig in slop would.
Sucking all the fun right out of life....
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