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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

A local photog who covered the show caught this pic of me in full Rocky Horror-esque regailia -- totally worth using for local promos for rock or metal gigs. And apparently people are interested already from what I hear... (Courtesy Big Fish Media)

Two shows down and the third tonight. Only a few hiccups, mostly cues for in-ear feeds being off and actors doing what actors do. But what a great time!

Betty is on the side now, as Veronica got dialed in for a lower, chunky sound that says "classic rock" to me. Plus which, I think we can all agree that Veronica was probably the dirtier girl in any case...

Theater is about twice as demanding as any other type of performing, IMO, with all the varied components that have to work in tandem at any one time. I love it, it's walking the tightrope every night!
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