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Default My drums!

Well, I finally got myself a rack, and felt the kit was now worthy of displaying on here finally. Also, I was too lazy to take photos before.

Anyway, I picked up second hand Icon rack, with 9 rack clamps and about half a dozen cymbal arms for AU$500, which I was blown away about!

So, here is the "Before" photo:

Cymbals and percussion all lined up:

All Paiste:
16" Dark Energy Crash (Top Right)
18" Alpha Thin Swiss Crash (Second from Top Right)
18" Signature Full Crash (Middle, Top)
19" Signature Heavy Full Crash (Middle-ish)
20" Giant Beat Multi (Bottom, second from left).

14" Signature Dark Crisp (Bottom Left) - auxiliary hats
13" Signature Dark Crisp (Middle-ish, right-ish) - primary hats

24" Meinl Byzance Medium Ride (Right)

UFIP Class Series Splashes (various weights)
6", 8", 10", 11" (L shape, Top Left)

Trashy Stack
10" Stagg Splash + 10" Stagg China (Bottom Left, above 14" hats)
I forget the model names, ST, or something.

Meinl Byzance
16" China (Top Right)
20" China (Bottom Middle)

Percussion bits from left to right:

6" Concert Tom (Pro max brand or something)
8" Concert Tom (Pro max brand or something)
Full size Tambourine
Cowbell (8" or something, cheapie, sounds great)
Fire Alarm Bell
Pedal mounted 6" Legacy brand Cowbell

Rack Parts:

Arms and clamps:

Drums ready to go:

Gretsch USA Maple: 10", 12", 14"
Gretsch Renown Maple: 16"

Gretsch USA Maple 22"x18"

13"x7" Ludwig Black Magic Brass
12" Pearl Firecracker Poplar

Building the foundation:


It took over 3 hours to tear down and set everything up completely from scratch. The hardest part was initially figuring out what to use to mount things, since I had such a huge pile of stuff to choose from, but as things came together it got easier :).

I have two other snare drums as well as the Ludwig:
14"x6.5" Sleishman Jarrah stave shell: Very loud, great 'bitey' Jarrah sound. Good for loud, heavy music and small, loud venues with no mics

14"x5" Gretsch USA Maple snare. I have it set up as a 'generic' sounding snare drum. Very nice musical sound, but rarely comes out of the bag these days due to me playing fewer generic gigs :)

Also not pictured: My Pearl Demon Drive double pedal. I forgot to bring it with me, along with my throne. I don't usually sit on that awful office chair :). They always come home with me for practise on the V-drums.

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