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I'm heading into my second year, also studying computer engineering. You meet a lot of people in college. I'm a real introvert, don't go out of my way to talk to people, but I met a good handful of people that I'd call close friends at this point. I totally get you though. My social life isn't especially filled to the brim, but I feel satisfied with the connections I've made so far.

I'd say life stops being boring when you find something you really love. Something you're so passionate about that it is your ultimate motivator. For me, it's knowledge. I've been learning web design and mobile app development this summer on my free time. Why? Because I love it. Because I feel so drawn to knowing things. I've been leisurely reading nonfiction about math and science. Again, why? Because I love the feeling of expanding my understanding of things, concepts. I suppose ultimately, what I'm really after is a sense of accomplishment. Bettering myself, like you mentioned.

Also, I hate to be a downer, but definitely try to find a THING that fulfills you so that you can be happy with and by yourself. People are wonderful, but they can come and go. Find something that will never leave you. Yeah that sounds cheesy, whatever.
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