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Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
I never had many friends, and there are very few people to this day that I would call "friends" I know a ton of people from church, scouts, and work, but I can probably count one hand how many I would contact outside of the settings I usually see them. Making friends - real friends - is hard, and you would be surprised at the number of people out there in the same situation.

You said Sharon is your best friend...nothing wrong with that. Jason (my husband) was actually my best friend first - I was dating one of his fraternity brothers, and he was dating one of my sorority sisters (so teen drama, I know) when both those realtionships went south, we ended up dating after a couple of months and the rest, as they say, is history.

I agree with looking for clubs on campus, its a great way to meet new people. I do have two questions -
1. Where are you going to school?
2. Is Sharon going to be there as well?
University of North Texas, and yes, she is. We met through high school marching band. I was on drumline and she was in colorgaurd. (typical, I know.) we both decided to go to UNT together. She wants to be a social worker, and I, a computer engineer.
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