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Default Re: Miking Drums; where to start...?

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
I guess we agree that close mic'ing typically sounds better.;-)
I guess ... that is bull**** ;)
you won't find a lot of (modern also) jazz recordings with lot's of microphones.

I've heard top recordings with only 2 (or 1) overhead(s), bassdrum and not neccessarily a snare mic.

Some top engineers also said (for example an engineer who worked with king crimson, amo g others):
"I had drummers where the drums sounded awesome, no matter how many mics I put on the drumset. And then I had drummers in the same room where I could put one behringer room mic in a good position in that room" (i might have messed up the grammer ;))

That proves, that:
- the mic(s) does not necessarily have to be high end
- the number of mics is not a guarantee for a good sound
- the room matters a lot
- the drummer does matter

also of course the drumset itself matters...

- also i think "sounds better" is subjective mostly
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