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Default Re: Miking Drums; where to start...?

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
I, personally, hate the sound that only a couple of mics generate. You know, an overhead, snare and kick mic, a la Led Zeppelin. Yuck! It makes drums sound hollow and less full, which is not at all like what drums really sound like.
Not necessarily. Ok, close mic'ing brings proximity effect to the party. You may not add EQ, but the mic adds bottom end to the sound because it's close to the source.

That aside, minimal mic'ing is superb at recording drums that already sound good & full, but it takes time to position the mic's correctly, & the resultant sound is very much steered by the room too. The upside is, you get a much more vibrant sonic "picture" & you're hearing the resolved sound of the drums.

Close mic'ing is better for many situations, especially where processing is expected later, & on kits benefitting from the extra control/low end afforded by close mic's.

Even better, a combination of the two approaches, allowing more choice later on. Not all minimal mic recordings with a good sounding kit are "thin" & "garage band".
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