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Default Re: Miking Drums; where to start...?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
So does this mean you're not listening to any music made before, say, 1969? Close miking didn't really start happening until then, and even then, alot of people weren't doing it because technology hadn't caught up for some time. I'm not starting an argument or anything, just that there was alot of good music being made before 1970 that, as students, we should be aware of. Just sayin' ;)
This is true. I admire older bands, but there is something about the sound that is just ear piercingly horrible.

I could listen to a live big band all day long, and attended quite a few wonderful shows from certain bands, but the recordings from mid-70's and earlier just sound like garbage to me.

I couldn't really get into music like I am today, until the late 70's/early 80's (when the recordings just sounded so much better, to me).

There are modern bands that still have this sound (sometimes it's raw/unfinished, other times it's over-produced). This is why I just listen to the sound guys, and let them do their thing.
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