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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Originally Posted by GetAgrippa View Post
Music threads through my family too-even discovered my Dad played marching band snare-which I never knew. Actually there was a lot I didn't know about my Dad till his death-details of his service to our country, details of his rough early years and overcoming obstacles, and his great philanthropy (lots of letters from folks telling me of his huge heart and giving nature that really changed their lives). I was overwhelmed and wish I were half the man he was.
Yeah, it was strange to find out how cool my dad was during the after-funeral celebration. The whole day I was like "How come nobody ever told me?" I guess at a certain point, your parents become your parents and we (the kids) become the main focus. Myself, never having kids of my own will probably never understand that - I'm still selfish looking out for me I guess ;)

And yeah Andy, you're absolutely right. When I see a beautiful stringed instrument, the price doesn't surprise me. And I recall playing a beautiful Noble&Cooley snare drum back in the late 80s and proclaiming "yep - it's a snare drum folks!". It might be because from a young age those immortal words of Tony Williams stuck in my head when he said, and I paraphrase, "drums are cool, but they're not like other instruments being made by hand - they're made by machines". And for me back then, I couldn't really discern the difference between a single-ply steam bent shell lovingly crafted into a drum and one made out of a bunch of thin pies and glue bent and cooked into a shell.

In fact, when I saw the Drum Workshop video on how they make their drums, I was kinda' disappointed when I discovered that the pretty part is just the final outside ply. And of course, there's always the consideration of where those drums will be actually played - for me, not in many situations where they'd be respected and gawked at. My drums will likely suffer beer spills and bumps and bruises.

But I'm older now and I can tell the difference with what Guru and Craviotto and others are doing - but I'm still heavily influenced by the fact that guys like Steve Gadd can kick my a$$ playing a trash can lid, though ;)
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