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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Wow Bo what a beautiful thread. I lost my Dad some 19 years ago and I still miss him and think of him often. I'm so sorry for your loss and kudos for your efforts with your Mom. After I lost my Dad my Mom lived with my wife, kids, and I for 4 years (she moved in with other siblings and now is at this Retirement home with folks from her age-she is so happy). We both often would sit and cry lamenting our loss. But as a word of encouragement now we still remember but now it is more a celebration-certain situations we always think of him and celebrate his life with a smile rather than tears. Music threads through my family too-even discovered my Dad played marching band snare-which I never knew. Actually there was a lot I didn't know about my Dad till his death-details of his service to our country, details of his rough early years and overcoming obstacles, and his great philanthropy (lots of letters from folks telling me of his huge heart and giving nature that really changed their lives). I was overwhelmed and wish I were half the man he was.
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