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Default Re: My current setup

Originally Posted by Ham View Post
That's a similar acoustic foam set-up to what I'm going for, what do you have set-up on the wall with the door in it? and what big differences did you notice inside the room, echo decreasing wise?
Honestly? No idea pal, haha, this is a room we hire at a friends studio. He's still sorting out the acoustics a bit, there's a lot of bass wash at the moment. But its a nice room.

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
I ditched my demon drives. Better off with eliminators if you're a pearl guy.

I love the kit, those lugs and that finish look great. Cool practice space too.
I really like the DD's, love the feel of them and never had a problem with them. The only reason i'm changing is for the ekit triggering. Much easier to trigger live when i'm using a rental/provided kit.
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