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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Since this thread is on the subject ukuleles, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the new instrument. Of course, many of us have seen wonderful wood finishes on guitars, and we marvel at that look translating to a set of drums. But for some reason, I think I expect it on a string instrument, but not so much on drums. In the past I've had beautifully stained drums and they never stayed with me very long. I always felt they were too fragile and the inevitable scratch was just bound to happen sooner than later. With my aged, worn-in Ludwig thermagloss maples, I like that look, but nothing prettier, please. To see this quality of a finish on the unassuming ukulele is absolutely breathtaking, though. I hope you appreciate some fine koa wood here ;)

The picture of the headstock is actually koa wood inlaid into the mahogany - wouldn't it be cool if drum badges were done like this? Or using a mother-of-pearl inlay for the badge? I'm sure it would make the drum cost even more, but it is pretty. The body is solid koa, and the neck is mahogony, with an ebony fretboard. Not too much bling (you can certainly get it that way if you spend enough money, though).
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