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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
...Repeating Magenta, much more eloquently than I could have said it.

Cancer and loss does funny things to all of us, making small things seem big and big things seem small. I am fortunate enough to not have lost anyone to cancer, but my sister is 12 years in remission and my husband is going through treatment right now. It has changed my relationship with both of them, and the rest of the family.

And I thought a friend of mine was crazy spending $700 on an acoustic guitar made by Taylor that he couldn't play (which is really cheap, I guess). Well, I just spent $1500 on this ukulele.

I just spent close to $900 in two weeks on my kit, cymbals, and all the needed drum paraphenailia, and the only reason I had was because wanted to learn how to play. I think $1500 for something that is going to honor your dad, make your mom happy and draw your family closer is a great "deal".

** "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of my all-time favorites. Its actually the only song on my mp3 that isn't some sub genre of rock. Can't wait to hear your version on youtube.
Thanks so much for the kind words. I've received my 'mega-ukulele' the other day and haven't really been able to put it down. Oddly enough, I've been going through my Beatles book ;)

Next up, there's a guy who's teaching how to play Jimi Hendrix's Wind Cries Mary, I'm jumping on that next. This just reinforces the fact of why I have expensive pro drums - playing is alot easier compared to my cheaper ukuleles now collecting dust.
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