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Before long, you'll find something that will give your life meaning and the desire to keep bettering yourself. It might take a couple years, it might take a decade. It doesn't matter what direction you go, just as long as its forward.

After high school I had no plan. That was partly mine and partly my parents fault. I ended up going to graphic design school on a whim. About half way through, I realized that just because I enjoy something as a hobby doesn't mean I will enjoy doing it 40 hours a week for a paycheck. But I stuck it out and graduated. Spent a couple years doing mostly freelance work here and there. Then finally I cracked and went to work for the family business (industrial supply) back in 2006....something I NEVER thought I would enjoy. 4 years later I bought it, on credit of course from my step-dad, and its been growing ever since. Ive got things in the works that are going to blow the roof off the place (hopefully)! Turns out I'm actually a pretty good business owner......the LAST thing I ever thought I would be.

I guess my point is follow your dream, but keep an open mind if its not what you were hoping. I think some of us have the ability to do things we never thought we were willing/capable of doing. So again, just keep moving forward. Your life is just starting to get interesting, man. Enjoy the new experiences, have some fun, work hard, and keep an open mind and you'll be fine.
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