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Originally Posted by Aaron70 View Post
I just go straight socks, People give you strange looks at first but as the night goes on they wont care :D
+1. Which socks you may choose are important.

I'm looking for those non-stick yoga socks, but without the toes.

I have some Nike cotton ones that work VERY well, the dry-fits are too slippery. Wife bought them upon my request, but they don't allow traction, waiting a while until the sock breaks down over time, and will reassess.

I can't do shoes and play 240bpm+. I use my toes a LOT (for rudimentary style of double bass).

I equate using shoes to drumming with thick mittens on (or a full hand cast). It's possible, but it depends on your style of play.

The problem that I have playing barefoot is as I sweat, it may drip down on to my pedals, then it's pretty much game over for traction (a wet foot on wet metal???).
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