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Default Re: Toronto No Longer "The Good"

Opinions are wonderful ..and always given in HINDSIGHT.

It must be wonderful to be able to dissect an even from the comfort of a chair ,desk and computer keyboard.Especially not bein trained in police tactics or the use of lethal/non lethal force and justification of deady physical force.

This,and the added benefit of not logging a single minute as a rank and file police officer.Not knowing what it's like to answer radio runs of armed robberies,man with a gun,domestic disputes,pulling over stolen vehicles at night or respondin to a call of an emotionally distirbed person...with a knife.

You can Monday morning quarterback any situation all you want an come up with hundreds of "what if" and "yoo could have/should have done this instead.

I retired from the NYPD with over 20 years of experence.I was shot once,stabbed twice.I drew my weapon numerous times,but never fired it,except to qualify at the police range.

I consider myself lucky,to never have used it,though I could have...numerous times.

I will also NEVER,second guess those cops even having been in similar situations myself.Unless you were actually standing there,in uniform,charged with taking this armed person into don't have the right to judge..especially never having to have faced a similar situation.

That's all I have to say,and I will not respond to posts on this thread in reguard with my opinion on this tragedy.

Steve B
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