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Default Re: Can we have a 'like' button?

I support the idea of a 'like' button if it is used appropriately, and I also support a 'dislike' button. Maybe Youtube style thumbs up and thumbs down buttons would be better.

It would be great for those instances where you agree or disagree with somebody, but don't want to make another redundant post as to why that person is right or wrong that somebody else has already made. Or, you could just give somebody a little thanks for giving some good advice in those instances in which somebody is looking for help or opinions. Then, the person could have an easier time making that decision by comparing which suggestions have the most likes or dislikes

If I posted a thread saying something like "I'm getting this buzzing ring from my floor tom. What's the best way to fix it? Should I just use dampening?", and one person said to put some Moon Gels on it and got a few likes, but another person posted a link to the drum tuning bible, and got far more likes, I would decide to focus on tuning, rather than dampening. This, of course, is just an example.

I could see it decreasing the number of instances in which a thread is derailed. Say, somebody makes a comment, but includes something that is off-topic, you could just give the individual post a little 'thumbs up' to show that you agree, or vice versa, without continuing an off-topic discussion on somebody's thread.

It could also lead to a less talkative and interactive forum, however, which I don't like the idea of. And of course, you'd have those people just posting things to see how many 'likes' they could get.

I feel like most of us are smart enough to use like and/or dislike buttons responsibly.
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