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Default Re: Just got my new Yamaha kit!

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Lovely kit. Big Yamaha fan here.

The Pinstripes are similar to the Emperors (Remo equivalent to the G2s) except that in the outer ring of the head, the two plies are glued together. The Emperors are entirely separate plys.
I was never big on Yamaha, mainly because I never owned or played any Yamaha kits. I think they've just gotten a new repeat customer, though. If they have this kind of quality on their mid-level kits, I can't imagine what playing a Phoenix would be like!

I also don't really like the idea of gluing plies together, but these actually sound pretty good for what they are. I was pleasantly surprised

Originally Posted by maxhammerstrike View Post
Bitchin' Drums man ! beautiful finish and good head choice going with the G1's and G2's ! I'm rollin with clear ambassadors and emperors and I like them as well
Thanks, fella'!
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