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Default Re: Vic Firth Legacy Brushes :(

Originally Posted by evilg99 View Post
Well,a good outcome : returned legacy brushes, got the Vic Firth Jazz brushes, the white ones :


Stiff heavy-ish bristles but they still feel good and have some snap as well as swoosh.
The hard plastic handles are great for rim shots.

The lighter fare version would be what Jim is using, the Heritage brush.

These Jazz brushes have a much smoother 'retraction action'. Had a great rehearsal with these.
// case closed. I hope :)

You will probably enjoy those.

I have a pair that I use primarily in the practice room or the occasional louder outdoor gig. I found them to be almost too heavy and stiff for regular use. They are really loud on a brand new head. But like you said, the handles are great for rim shots.

The Jeff Hamilton brushes which are my "heavy" pair are slightly lighter in gauge...about the same as the Legacy brushes. I use the Heritage brushes on most gigs.
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