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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]


Ok, so my last version of the beta91a holder wasn't so cool. The mic could easily fall of when you for example want to let your mics in the bassdrum for the transport.

So I needed a solution to secure the mic so there would be no chance to fall of.
I did a little drafting to show you my solution:

The Beta91(a) has 2 holes on the bottom that can be used to for example hang the mic on the wall.

So I mounted to scews that fit to that holes:

Then you gotta just slide the mic on it:
(Backwards not forwards - it's wrong in the picture haha)

And to secure the mic from sliding forwards (which would loosen it again) you gotta tighten that little screw. I'm thinking about mounting a little spring (from spring steel) that you can press down to move the mic forwards..

I hope that makes sense :)

And here are to photos from my prototype which looks pretty ugly:

I hope that makes sense!
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