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Default DTX562 issues

I just got my brand new DTX562 a couple weeks ago. I love it, but I am having some problems:
1. When I hit the "closed rim shot" zone of the snare, sometimes it triggers the regular snare sound, not the closed rim shot. A single hit is usually fine, but if I try to roll, there will be lots of crosstalk, lots of regular snare sounds.
2. Getting the bell sounds out of the cymbals is extremely difficult. It can be done, but there is a tiny sweet spot, and the hit has to be just the right velocity. (Much) More often than not, you just get the bow sound.

Anybody else have similar issues or fixes? The snare is the XP80 and the cymbals are PCY135. If you have any DTX series with similar problems, I'd like to hear what you did?

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