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Default Re: Backline Drums, What is behind the scene

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
moreso a general statement of how fearful many are of their kits whilst seemingly oblivious to the fact that we hit the bloody things with a stick to begin with.
Agree with 100% on how some players are really fearful of their kits. A perfect example was at the studio my band rehearses at, they have a house kit, so we all can use for practice. Now admittantly i do hit somewhat hard, but i was told to not hit the drums and cymbals that hard because i was leaving stick marks on the heads and the cymbals. My god people our instrument requires us to hit them with sticks! Some players need to just chill out and i know that all of us would never purposely go and break ones kit. People just needto step back and realize that our instrument requires to be hit so that they can produce an awesome sound that makes us all unique...
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