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Default Re: Spent Sunday in Uncle Larry's neck of the woods

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Quote....In my mind, I'm still 25 years old, and don't realize the impending damage I'm going to inflict on my 54 year old carcass.

The hardest thing to teach a 54 year old mind or a 65 year old mind, in my case, is that neither it nor the body will ever be 25 again. Props for your efforts.
Thanks GD! Lesson learned. I'll try to remember next time...

I've been plugging my 86 year old Dad for a while now. I'm trying to get a handle on aging gracefully, without causing undue damage. He hasn't too many summers left on his calendar, so my attention is keen. If I'm a good student - and lucky - my body will still be degrading in 32 years.
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