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Default Re: Spent Sunday in Uncle Larry's neck of the woods

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You could put a white round blank cover over the old hole,screw it right to the old box, if there is one. Saves a repair, if it covers the hole. Plus if it has a splice in there it is supposed to remain accessible without damaging the finish to get to it.

Certain brands of old work cans suck. But certain ones work great, and are worlds easier to wire. I can't believe you used new work cans. Ouch!
I've got one of those blank cover repairs in an obscure part of the kitchen. Not too bad, but this one is over the kitchen sink. Drywall repair should be easy.

Yeah, new work cans. In my mind it produced the best result with the least effort. Sometimes the final product seems worth the added work. Then again, sometimes you're wrong.

I'd have thought I was old enough to not have to "learn things the hard way."

Still learning, I guess... Better than the flip-side!!
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