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Default Re: Spent Sunday in Uncle Larry's neck of the woods

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
That doesn't sound like an awful lot of fun, Smoke. Mrs Smoke was wise to delegate.
Good observation, Madge. We've been a pair for over 33 years, and we've each found our niche. She does demolition and I reconstruct. More often than not, she's faster than I. You can guess the result...

In this case, and more often than not, I create my own problems, so it's all good. As I mentioned earlier, "If Mama's happy, I'm ecstatic!"

"Delegate?!?" Fat chance, Girlie. I "wear the pants" in the "Smoke House." Thankfully, Mrs. Smoke dresses me every day. Life is good in the "Smoke House," and I couldn't be happier.

Love, John
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