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Default Re: Spent Sunday in Uncle Larry's neck of the woods

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Lol, I feel your pain brother Smoke. Especially in the skull. I have numerous scars on my scalp from roofing nails lol.

The best advise I ever got was...if you're working too hard, you're doing something wrong. I am assuming you laid in the attic to do the recessed can connections. If so, you didn't have to spend all that wonderful time up there. You could have just cut your holes, and used enough wire to wire them in while you are standing on your kitchen floor. It costs you extra wire, but so what, it's worth it to not have to lay up there. I just neatly stuff the excess wire in the attic. Plus it makes it easier to work on in the future when you have extra wire. Pull the fixture right down and work on it standing on the kitchen floor. You do have to use what they call "old work" cans, but they are sold right alongside the "new work" cans.

When I must be up there I wear knee pads, I have a mini mag LED flashlight wired on my forehead and a painters respirator so I don't breath all the particulate matter that you stir up while moving around up there. Sometimes a wet towel around my neck if it's dangerously hot, along with a bellyful of water. Pours right out of you when it's 110 and up.

But you could have done most, if not all the work from the kitchen side of the ceiling, especially if you used the electric from an existing ceiling light. I'm assuming that's what you did. Push new wire through a hole in the existing ceiling box and grab it through a hole you cut, then on to the next one.

I'm always available for free electrical advise if you (or anybody else) have questions or want to know the easiest way to wire something. Just another small added bonus of DW lol.

It's always pleasant when you see your name in a thread title, thanks for that.
Yeah, I used "new work" cans - I've used some "old work" stuff before and I wasn't always satisfied, even if it worked out OK. It must be my Polish/German bloodlines... In my mind, I'm still 25 years old, and don't realize the impending damage I'm going to inflict on my 54 year old carcass. Plus, I don't have years of "learning things the hard way" to back me up. It's all good.

I'll echo lots of water. It was actually nice up there last weekend - if "nice" and "attic" can be used in the same sentence. I did wear a cheap dust-mask, so only blew black junk out of my nose once or twice.

I did run power from an existing light fixture (and switch and hot outlet), so I've still got to fix the hole in the ceiling. Though I'm no drywall expert, I'll muddle through this one and nobody will be the wiser. If Mrs Smoke's happy, my life is simple.

At present and in the next couple of years, I'm re-doing my future retirement home in Presque Isle County, Michigan. It's 1930's vintage and has it's own conundrums. I appreciate your experience and just may lean on you when the time comes.

Of course, there's always the hard way...

Thanks Uncle Larry, John
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