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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Originally Posted by brady View Post
I currently use the IC Flexi-Glide (I'm not sure how that cam differs from the Rolling Glide) and have contemplated switching to the Perfect Balance Pedal since trying one out at a store.

How do they compare after using it for a while? How does the IC do the work for you? I actually found a few things to be immediately easier on the PB Pedal. I think I need to get my foot on it again to compare a few things.

I'm a little concerned about the amount of issues folks have had with them too; straps, hinges, not folding corectly, etc.

I've been enlightened with a recent purchase, one of the benefits being the effects on the bass drum pedals ease of manipulation.

Balance doesn't come from the pedal, no matter what pedal you have/use the balance of your body is centered in your core, body positioning can be changed/shifted to produce varying degrees of resistance on the bass drum pedal. The angle of your lower and upper legs, the distance... varying these body positionings produce an effect on your pedal.

What Im getting at is its not the pedal. Most are looking for a pedal that feels good, one that while there's other factors considered in the purchase, the main factor (quite possibly unbeknownst) is that it fits in with their sitting posture. Change your posture/seat positioning and you change the feels of your pedal.

Problem is when you change your positioning you also change the feel/mechanics of your upper body, your arms and what your hands can do. These two pieces of the pie rarely line-up in harmony, and when they do its usually not lasting b/c the body goes through changes that effect balance, even while playing.
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