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Default Spent Sunday in Uncle Larry's neck of the woods

Not Bucks County, PA - my attic!

What a hateful place. Now I know why I seldom go into the attic: blown-in cellulose insulation (read, CLOUDS of dust), no headroom, nails poking through the roof deck, mouse poop, fiberglass insulation, etc. Thankfully, no spiders. Sunday was cloudy/rainy with a temperature of 58 F (14.5 C) - totally uncharacteristic for late July in Michigan. As a result, attic temps were quite decent. Ask Uncle Larry how the attic temps run in July/August...

I installed two recessed can lights over my kitchen. Logistically, that places them where the roof deck meets the exterior wall. I laid on my belly on a sheet of plywood for about two hours. My elbows, knees, and ribs are bruised and I have 6 small bloody divots on top of my bald head from a strategically placed nail in the roof deck. I only missed the ladder one time, and probably hurt myself worse when I caught myself than if I'd fallen to the garage floor. Now, three days later, I can finally relate the story without the temptation of torching the house.

But, Mrs. Smoke is happy with the result and we saved a couple of dollars.

I'm not sure how much electricians get paid, but I'm sure it's not enough.

Thank a soldier if you've got freedom; thank an electrician if you've got electricity! ;-)
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