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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I'm impressed overall! You don't have to "break them in" and seat them like other brands. You just stick them on and tune them. I still give them a little push while tuning, the re-tune and BAM... great tone!

Still, Evans offers nothing as rich-sounding as the Remo Renaissance heads. Frankly, I just take Remos (or old Evans) and go around the rim and stretch around the collar and it pretty much does what the 360 process does. "Perfectly round and level" doesn't really matter if your drums aren't perfectly level. ALL triple-flanged hoops have imperfect level and even a lot of die cast hoops aren't perfectly level, so basically you take a "perfectly level" head and bend it to fit your hoops. Not that I'm saying it's a gimmick, I just don't consider it a "game-changer" as they say.
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