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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Originally Posted by ianjphil View Post
I've had the Perfect Balance pedal since January, and I can definitely say that I love it. It is incredibly smooth and articulate, and it works perfectly for my needs.

I've been on the journey to find a pedal like this for about 3 years before I picked mine up. I had an Iron Cobra Rolling Glide single pedal for 6 years, and I felt I needed something that wasn't doing so much of the work for meI've let other drummer friends try it out, and it gets a very mixed response. Either its the pedal that you've been looking out for a lifetime, or its just not for you.

For me, its the pedal of a lifetime.
I currently use the IC Flexi-Glide (I'm not sure how that cam differs from the Rolling Glide) and have contemplated switching to the Perfect Balance Pedal since trying one out at a store.

How do they compare after using it for a while? How does the IC do the work for you? I actually found a few things to be immediately easier on the PB Pedal. I think I need to get my foot on it again to compare a few things.

I'm a little concerned about the amount of issues folks have had with them too; straps, hinges, not folding corectly, etc.
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