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Default Re: Vic Firth Legacy Brushes :(

Originally Posted by evilg99 View Post
I'm a big Vic Firth fan, been using their sticks for decades now...7a,5a,5b,HD1.

Just got a new gig with a lounge/swing/pop band and was high time for a new set of brushes.

I was quite excited to try out the Vic Firth Legacy brushes...great feel wood handles and retractable. Awesome!

Or maybe not....

First pair went back after one rehearsal...rubber stopper on the butt end was pulling out when trying to retract them, taking everything with them them. Right, no problem, swapped for a new pair that was OK at the store...
One week later, another rehearsal and the exact same thing. 0 for 2 in practically no playing time. Back they go tomorrow.
I'm not rough on them, not doing anything out of the ordinary.

Anybody else have problems with these 'almost awesome' brushes?

Yes I have. 2 different pair actually.

On my first pair I pulled the shaft completely out of the wooden handle when I retracted the brush. That was after not even a week of use.

My second pair was so tight that I could barely get either brush to retract or extend. I practically had to use pliers to get them to move.

I ended up retruning them and getting the Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton brushes. No wooden handle, but a similar wire gauge.
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