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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

These heads have tempted me to try them out for my next set of tom heads. I've been playing Aquarian for years (understandable, since in my opinion, they have an unbeatable sound, and have had something like this '360' thing for a loooong time! :). I've been turned off Remo for good after too many dud heads and after hearing a Classic Clear and Ambassador on the same drum.

The store I usually buy heads from doesn't do Evans though, so I might be out of luck unless someone else can offer me a better price (and that includes the cost of petrol :). I first heard the good old G2/G1 combo several years ago and the sound always stuck in my head because it was so nice, along with a few different combinations of bass drum heads. I even used a heated up spike to poke holes around the outside of a Remo Ambassador many years ago to emulate the dry snare head I'd seen someone using :).

Sorry, I'm waffling a bit! Hopefully I'll get a chance to listen to these soon!
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