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Default Re: Toronto No Longer "The Good"

Originally Posted by radman View Post
This is very sad. The events are not yet fully understood, but it is hard to understand what the kid did with his 3" knife to make an officer feel threatened enough to unload. (and the apparent Tasering after the shooting is mind boggling ... isn't that supposed to be first?) ... but ... there may have been some dialogue and motion that is unknown right now.

The kid was a new immigrant from Syria and understandably trying to fit in ... I'm sure he had been all over the place emotionally since getting here. Poor father has to be in shock - this was what he was trying to avoid.

And yes, Bruce, I too am not anti-police. I can't imagine being a cop in this day and age ... with all the "unknowns" ... I know I couldn't do it.

Hug your loved ones daily ....

Good advice; There is quite a bit of anger in this city at the moment; We had the G 20 summit here in 2010 and there are still lingering emotions over that.
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