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Default Re: What's your favorite ice cream?

OH my, this one is right up my alley! I live in Cincinnati and practically across the street from one of the best ice cream shops in the country..,.Graeters! I love their mocha chip, peanut butter chip and mint chip. All of their chips are large decadent pieces of dark chocolate...YUM!

I pretty much like anything with chocolate and like Uncle Larry I love me some chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve as well.

Many many moons ago I worked at a Dairy Queen when blizzards first came out and love me a cookie dough blizzard.

Hard to beat a well-made, old fashioned, chocolate soda, too.

Oh and if you haven't tried Orange Leaf soft serve frozen yogurt, it's quite delish as well. I love the cookies and cream.

I also worked at a Baskin Robbins for a while in high school. Love a lot of their flavors too. I actually got to serve Sean Penn ice cream there :)

And ice cream cake?!?! Who doesn't love a good ice cream cake?

As you can see, you have hit a nerve with me. Ice cream is my absolute all time favorite food. I could live on ice cream alone I think.

Gee, now I'm craving ice cream...go figure! Thanks Lar.
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