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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Dominic Rivas
Age: 28
How long have you been playing: 18 Years
Origin of user name: First initial, middle initial, last name (Crazy Original!)
Your top 5 drummers: Thomas Pidgen, Chad Smith, Carter Beauford, Dennis Chambers, Dave Grohl
Make of drumkit: Yamaha, Roland, DDrum
Make of cymbal: Zildjian
Where do you practice: Drum room or at my bands practice space
Are you in a band: Yes
Do you play covers or originals: Originals
What style of music: Blues/Rock
Favorite take out food: Crab Cheese WonTons
What country do you live in: USofA
One really odd fact about yourself: I had open heart surgery @ 10 yrs old
How did you start drumming: My uncles were in bands and I would constantly beat on my Uncles Pearl. After I took his Chad Smith VHS "Red Hot Rhythm" it was on!
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