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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Wow, just listened to Jake Shimabukuro - I see what you mean. This is stunning

Yeah, whack it through a fuzz box and play Hendrix licks :) Or maybe an octave splitter and try to sound like a sitar :))
Oddly enough, I just picked up one of those Boss pedal board thingy's (an ME70) that has three pedals and an expression pedal - so I have access to all of those effects (including a looper). Sort of an idiotic impulse buy since I don't handle the instrument well enough at this point, but I know I'll push it one day and give it a shot!

I think, like alot of people around the world think, this Jake guy is pushing the ukulele envelope totally out of shape.
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